What is water hammer?

banging or hammering noise that’s heard in a water pipe following an abrupt change of the flow with resulting pressure surges. It can also be known as hydraulic shock.

It’s a good idea to jump on this and have it looked at before it causes more damage to your pipes.

After attending a property for noise coming from the pipes & walls. It didn’t take long to find the cause! Pipes being supported by nails or even not at all!  This not only creates an uncomfortable noise in the walls but it causes damage to your water system and the internal structure of the house.

After re-clipping the whole system, adding water hammer washers to tap-ware, sealing all penetrations, replacing faulty duo valve and installing a water hammer arrestor in line, the water hammer has stopped. Get it right the first time and give us a call.

What causes water hammer?

While water hammer is the most common term for water pipes that make a banging noise, the technical term is ‘hydraulic shock’. It generally occurs when the water stops or changes direction abruptly. This creates a shock wave which makes pipes either bang together or knocks against the inside of a wall. Excess pressure in the water lines could also be a reason your pipes are experiencing annoying water hammer.

Turning on and off the tap in the kitchen or bathroom can also cause it to happen. It may also occur when your dishwasher or washing machine changes a cycle. If pipes are loose within the walls and are able to move when changes in water pressure occur, then you’re likely going to suffer a hydraulic shock problem.

How bad can water hammer get?

Severe cases of hydraulic shock are not only loud and irritating, but pipes can also crack or burst, which will lead to flooding in your home. This is a more extreme result, but one that does sometimes occur.

If your home is suffering from water hammer problems, you should have the problem looked at and resolved by a plumbing professional to give you peace and quiet once again.

Original article by Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast