Sometimes you’ll notice the water that comes out of your pipes looks a little cloudy and milky, rather than totally clear. This is especially noticeable when you fill up a glass with tap water from the kitchen sink.

What Are the Causes Of Cloudy Water?

One common cause of water that appears to be cloudy is when the water is full of tiny air bubbles. This could be a result of excessive pressure build-up in the water pipes, or it could be due to a filtration system or device attached to the head of the tap itself. That tiny slice of mesh that covers many tap openings creates miniature air bubbles that can make water appear cloudy until the bubbles dissipate. To determine if it’s nothing more than air bubbles, let the glass of water sit for a few minutes and see if the water goes clear.

Other causes could be a build-up of lime or calcium in the water pipes, or there has been some trouble with the town’s water system somewhere along the line and the water supply has become contaminated. If the water appears brown, then this is most definitely the likely cause.

Try running all the taps in your household for a few minutes to see if it clears up. In the kitchen, you might want to consider installing some type of water filtration system or water purifier. This way, you can be assured of safe and clean drinking water.

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