There’s nothing worse than a bathroom that seems to be constantly pervaded by an offensive odour. After all, it’s a place where we go to wash and bathe, and bad bathroom odours make the environment feel somewhat unclean rather than the other way around.

Let’s look at some quick tips to prevent bad bathroom odour, so your bathroom always smells fresh and clean and hygienic, the way it’s supposed to smell.

#1 – Clean Those Drains Regularly

Sure, you could pour some chemical drain cleaner down the drains on a regular basis or use bleach. While this might keep the drains clean, these products themselves produce odours that generally aren’t very pleasant. In fact, some downright stink so much you don’t even want to enter the bathroom.

Instead, opt for drain cleaners that are made from natural products. They’ll be kinder to the environment and will leave your bathroom smelling pleasant, rather than like a chemical factory. There are load

s of good quality, all-natural drain cleaners on the market these days that you can use. So, go natural instead of chemical.

Prevent Bad Bathroom Odours

#2 – Clean Often

Bathrooms quickly get a build-up of scum and being moist environments, they present the perfect opportunity for mould and mildew to flourish. Clean your bathroom often, once again with natural products, as this will help keep odours to a minimum.

Also, open the windows as often as possible and put some pleasant smelling air fresheners in the bathroom. The cleaner a bathroom looks, generally the nicer it will smell.

#3 – Try Air Purifiers

These could be in the form of some type of air purifier/freshener spray, or you could invest in an actual air purification machine that filters the air. Air freshener sprays simply mask bad odours rather than eliminate them, whereas an air purifier – spray or device – actually cleanses the air and eradicates bacteria and other substances that are causing the offensive odour to begin with. In other words, they neutralise the odours and return the bathroom air to a hygienic state.

Air purifiers are particularly useful in bathrooms that have poor ventilation or no windows and extraction fans.

Prevent Bad Bathroom Odours

#4 – Charcoal Can Help Absorb Odours

This is a trick commonly used in fridges to absorb bad smells caused by various foods, but charcoal can work just as effectively in bathrooms as well. Charcoal, particularly bamboo charcoal, has an innate ability to effectively absorb smells. Just put a bowl of charcoal on the bathroom vanity and inhale the results.

If you’re not keen on using charcoal, a good alternative is baking soda. Once again, fill up a bowl with baking soda (bicarb soda) and leave it in your bathroom somewhere.

#5 – Prevent Bad Bathroom Odours With Either Incense Or Aromatic Candles

Burning incense or candles that emit a pleasant aroma may not be actually eradicating bad odours in the bathroom, but it is an effective way of masking them, at least for a time. The cool thing about burning aromatic candles is they also add an ambience to the bathroom when enjoying a relaxing bath or a shower, making for a very serene environment.

As an alternative, you could even add your own brand of “air freshener” to the bathroom by slicing up some citrus fruits and placing them in either a bowl or a jar. Oranges and lemons are perfect, have rather strong aromas and will make your bathroom smell fresh and clean.

prevent bad bathroom odours

#6 – Change the Bathroom Linen Regularly

Have you ever sniffed a bathroom towel that hasn’t been washed for a while or a bathmat? Items such as towels, mats and other bathroom linen are almost constantly damp and can very quickly start to smell a little foul. In order to reduce or eradicate bad bathroom smells, it’s important to replace towels and other bathroom linen with clean and fresh items. It’s not an overall solution, but a part of the plan to eradicate bathroom odours.

#7 – Call Your Plumber To Eradicate Bad Odours

Your drains might be slightly clogged with debris and need professional cleaning. Call in your plumber and they’ll be able to get your drains smelling clean and fresh again. Your plumber can first inspect the drains and determine if there is a build-up of debris, then use specialised equipment and cleaning solutions to flush the drains and free them of offensive smells.

In Conclusion

There’s no need to endure a smelly bathroom. Just follow the tips in this post to prevent bad bathroom odours and you can always enjoy a bathroom that smells fresh, clean and pure.


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Original article by Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast