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Specialists in unblocking of drains – CCTV, Hydro Jet Machine, Pipe Locators

Do You Have Blocked Drains?

  • We Detect, Pinpoint & Unclog Drains

  • We Use The Latest & Best Technology Including Hydro Jet & CCTV

  • Over 10 Years Local Experience
    & Top Reviews

  • Blocked Toilet, Sink or Showers

  • We Can Unclog Both Indoor & Outdoor Pipes/Drains

  • There Is No Blockage Too Big Or Too Small

Call the Sunshine Coast Blocked Drain Clearing Experts!

Refined Plumbing is fully equipped with the latest technology including CCTV camera, pipe locators and a hydro jet machine (capable of up to 5000psi of pure water power) ready to attack any blocked drain on the Sunshine Coast. Because of this drain unblocking equipment we can detect, pinpoint and unblock even the most stubborn blockages. If the blocked drain is being caused by a more serious issue such as collapsed or broken stormwater or sewer pipes we can fix that too!

After the blocked drain is cleared a CCTV inspection is recommended in order to ascertain what underlying issue caused it, and the possibility of it reoccurring.

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We unblock all types of drain blockages

Our specialist drain blockage equipment can handle most standard blockages, and even the stubborn ones… believe us, we seen it all!

  • Blockages caused by tree roots

  • Ground subsistence causing drain blockage

  • Blockages caused by collapsed pipes

  • Drain blockages in crushed pipes from heavy vehicles

  • Blocked drains due to build up of hair

  • Blocked kitchen drains due to grease buildup

Do you have slow draining sinks?

Things like food scraps, bones, vegetable peelings and so on can all lead to a build-up of debris in the pipes which will ultimately lead to a slow draining kitchen sink or even a blocked drain at some point.

The same goes for the bathroom. Hair, pieces of tissue or toilet paper, clumps of soap and so on can get down into the pipes and cause a blockage. Acting like a net, hair traps all sorts of materials and can readily lead to a bathroom sink or shower that’s slow to drain, or a pipe that’s completely blocked.

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Tips To Prevent Blocked Drains

Common sense goes a long way in ensuring the drains in your home always run freely. For starters, blocked toilets are often a result of flushing items down the bowl that shouldn’t be in there in the first place. A prime example might be someone cleaning the toilet and drying it off with paper towel, then flushing that paper towel down the toilet.

Minimising food scraps in the kitchen sink is another simple thing that will help prevent a blockage from occurring. Scrape everything off plates into the garbage bin and never try and flush things like vegetable peelings, the rind of fruits or cooking oil down the sink. Hard objects such as bones, no matter how small, should always be discarded in the trash.

In bathrooms, any long hair that has collected in the basin, shower or bath drain should be picked up and tossed into the bin to minimise hair build up.

Running some drain cleaner through your drains periodically or getting your plumber in to perform maintenance on your drains, can also help to prevent a build-up of debris.


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