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Locating underground pipes, for leaks or before digging

Sunshine Coast Pipe Location

If you would like to know where your sewer or stormwater pipes run before you plan a project in the back yard, give Refined Plumbing a call about our CCTV Inspection. If you are purchasing a property and would like a report on the sewer and stormwater lines call Refined Plumbing now, we service the entire Sunshine Coast!

Our Location Services

If you have a leak either in a water supply pipe or a drainage pipe we can use our location equipment to find the pipe. This is really useful as it saves you digging up your backyard following the path of the pipe. Instead, you can locate the position of the pipe while the surface of the ground is still intact. Saves you time and lots of digging!

Or maybe you don’t have a leak, but just need to know where the pipes are because you intend to build something over top of it. Before you destroy your pipes with a bobcat, use our pipe location services to investigate their whereabouts and save yourself an emergency callout.

  • Location services to determine pipe layout

  • Location services for pipe layout – pre-purchase inspection of property

  • Locate pipes before you embark on digging up your backyard!

Pipe Location Sunshine Coast
Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast


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