Finding your underground pipes has never been easier. Rely on our expert Sunshine Coast plumbers whenever you need to plumbing location services!

Sunshine Coast Pipe Location

Are you planning to start construction on your property?

Our experienced plumbers utilise the latest technology to quickly and accurately locate underground pipes, drains and other service lines.

We use specialised detection equipment, such as ground penetrating radar, digital mapping and sonar, to track underground pipes and locate potential issues. Our underground pipe location services help diagnose and repair potential problems before they become costly.

If you want to know where your sewer or stormwater pipes run before you plan a project in the back yard, give Refined Plumbing a call about our CCTV inspection services.

And if you are purchasing a property and want a report on your current underground assets, call us today! We service the entire Sunshine Coast!

Our Sunshine Coast Underground Location Services

If you have a leak either in a water supply pipe or a underground pipe we can use our location equipment to find the pipe. This is really useful as it saves you digging up your backyard following the path of the pipe. Instead, you can locate the position of the pipe while the surface of the ground is still intact. Saves you time and lots of digging!

Or maybe you don’t have a leak, but just need to know where the pipes are because you intend to build something over top of it. Before you destroy your pipes with a bobcat, use our pipe location services to investigate their whereabouts and save yourself an emergency callout.

  • Location services to determine pipe layout

  • Location services for pipe layout – pre-purchase inspection of property

  • Locate pipes before you embark on digging up your backyard!

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Pipe Location Sunshine Coast
Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast
Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast
Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast
Pipe Location Sunshine Coast

Pipe Location Services FAQ

Background and Experience

Can you tell us about your background and experience in plumbing and pipe location services?
“I have been in the plumbing industry for over 15 years, with the last 10 years focusing specifically on pipe location services.”

How long have you been offering pipe location services on the Sunshine Coast?

“I started my career in general plumbing and gradually specialized in pipe location due to the growing demand in the Sunshine Coast area.”

Service Details

What specific pipe location services do you offer to both residential and business customers?

We offer a range of pipe location services including detection of water leaks, identification of sewer lines, and mapping of underground plumbing networks.”

Can you describe the technology and methods you use for locating pipes?

“We use advanced electromagnetic locators to ensure precise and non-invasive pipe detection.”

Challenges and Solutions

What are the most common challenges you face when locating pipes in this area?

“One common challenge is locating pipes in older buildings where records are outdated or non-existent”

How do you handle difficult pipe location scenarios, such as in older buildings or in dense urban areas?

“We overcome this by combining historical data with modern scanning technology. In dense urban areas, we use noise-cancellation headphones and high-sensitivity microphones to detect leaks amidst the urban noise.”

Customer Focus

How do your services cater to the specific needs of businesses versus residential customers?

“For businesses, we focus on minimising disruption to their operations. For residential customers, we ensure a quick and clean service.”

Can you share an example of a challenging pipe location project you completed successfully?

“A recent project involved locating a hidden water leak in a heritage-listed building without damaging the structure.”

Regulatory Compliance

How do you ensure compliance with local regulations and standards in your pipe location services?

“We strictly adhere to all local building codes and environmental regulations.”

Are there any unique environmental or regulatory considerations on the Sunshine Coast that impact your work?

“On the Sunshine Coast, this often means being extra careful about not disrupting the natural habitat, especially in coastal and forested areas.”

Technology and Innovation

Have any recent technological advancements have enhanced your pipe location services?

“Recently, we’ve started using acoustic leak detectors and thermal imaging cameras.”


How do you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in your field?

“Continuous training ensures our team is always up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment in pipe location technology.”

Safety and Precautions

What safety measures do you take during pipe location to protect both your team and the property?

How do you manage risks associated with locating pipes in complex environments?

“Safety is paramount. We use non-invasive methods to reduce risk, conduct thorough risk assessments before starting, and ensure all team members are trained in workplace health and safety practices.”

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

How do you measure customer satisfaction in your services?

“Customer satisfaction is gauged through post-service surveys and follow-up calls.

Can you share feedback or testimonials from past clients?

We’ve received positive feedback, especially for our prompt response and accuracy in locating difficult-to-find leaks.”

Future Outlook

What are your future plans for expanding or enhancing your pipe location services?

“We plan to invest in more advanced technologies like drone-assisted thermal imaging for large-scale projects.”

How do you see the demand for pipe location services evolving on the Sunshine Coast in the coming years?

“The demand for pipe location services is increasing, especially with the growth in infrastructure and housing on the Sunshine Coast.”

Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast
Plumbing Pipes In Trenches At New House Building Site Sunshine Coast
Pipe Location Sunshine Coast
Pipe Location Sunshine Coast


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