In Australia, more and more people are opting to install gas-operated appliances in their homes. These include ovens, stoves, hot water systems, heaters and more. While both gas and electricity are very safe, apart from the inconvenience of your appliances not working as efficiently as they should and the loss of money due to leaks, a gas leak can potentially cause serious problems. Therefore, let’s take a look at the real dangers of a gas leak in the home or business.


dangers of a gas leakInhaling Gas Fumes Can Be Toxic

If a gas leak is concentrated enough, it can cause an affect like carbon monoxide poisoning. Natural gas and LPG, when leaked inside the confines of the home, replaces the oxygen in the air and also debilitates the body’s ability to absorb any oxygen that is available. The ultimate result (and worst-case scenario), is suffocation.

Of course, for suffocation to result, the victim would have to be exposed to a fairly major gas leak in a confined area, but it is a real hazard if there is a gas leak in your house.

Suffocation is obviously the most dangerous result of inhaling gas, but even if suffocation doesn’t occur, constantly inhaling gas fumes will ultimately make you feel dizzy, nauseous and can cause numerous other physical symptoms, none of which are pleasant.


 Fire Can Result From a Gas Leak

One obvious danger of a gas leak is a fire. Domestic gas is highly flammable, which is why it is used for gas-operated appliances such as cooktops. Leaking ga

Original article by Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coasts can ignite, resulting in a fire breaking out and spreading rapidly throughout a kitchen and turning the entire home into a blazing inferno.

Both electrical faults and gas leaks are two major causes of fires in homes and places of business. Electricity creates sparks and gas inflammable, so any sort of gas leak, no matter how minor, needs to be repaired ASAP to prevent a major problem from occurring.


danger of a gas leakThere Is the Potential for a Gas Explosion

Possibly the greatest danger of all that could result from a gas leak is an explosion. Even a small leak in a confined space that builds up over time can cause an explosion if there is a spark or some sort of ignition source.

Obviously, an explosion will cause major destruction and could potentially be fatal for anyone in the vicinity of the blast.


Preventing Potential Gas-Related Dangers

Installing gas leak detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can alert you to even the presence of a minor gas leak. If a leak is detected, don’t put off getting something done about it. Gas is safe, but if there is a leak of any kind, it can be dangerous with the potential to be fatal. Call in a licensed gas fitter right away to have the leak repaired.


To avoid any real danger of a gas leak in the home or business. Having your appliances, fittings and piping regularly inspected will also reduce the chances of a gas leak ever occurring.

Make sure you have a licenced gasfitter like Izaak from Refined Plumbing take a look on a regular basis.

By: Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast

dangers of a gas leak

Original article by Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast