Gas Heater Installations and Replacements

Looking for a new or replacement gas heater? Refined Plumbing are licensed, gas fitters.

A Licensed Gas Fitter Is Required To Install Or Replace a Gas Heater

By law, any gas appliances need to be installed by a licensed and qualified gas fitter. When you buy a kitchen appliance that runs on electricity, all you need to do is plug it in. No problems there. It’s a different story with gas appliances though. These need to be connected to the main gas supply, and if this is attempted by an amateur, it could potentially prove hazardous.

You’ll want a licensed gas fitter to install your new gas heater so you can be assured of both safety, and that your new heater will work proficiently and as it was designed to do. Gas is extremely safe so long as all gas fitting is performed by a professional.

Australia has a warm climate, but many areas suffer from chilly temperatures in winter. You’ll want to know that your gas heater is working perfectly and safely. Having it installed by a professional gas fitter will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have a warm and cosy room or house whenever you need it.

Don’t put up an old and out of date gas heater that’s seen far better days. Upgrade to a new one and be toasty warm in winter. If you don’t currently have a gas heater and are considering changing out your electric-powered one for a more efficient gas model, then the team at Refined Plumbing are your local gas fitting experts. Get in touch today.

New Or Replacement Gas Heater? Here’s What Refined Plumbing Can Do For You

The first thing Refined Plumbing can do is help you choose a new or replacement gas heater. We’ll discuss your options with you so you can get the very best model for your budget.

Once you’ve purchased your new gas heater, we’ll install it professionally and in quick time, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort it produces as soon as possible. You’ll have the confidence knowing that your new gas heater is both safe, and that it’ll work efficiently every single time.

Our installers will also run you through the process of how to operate your gas heater, as well as tips on maintaining it so it always works at its optimum level. Any issues in the future and Refined Plumbing can be there to perform gas heater repairs.

We pride ourselves on offering top quality work at the right price, and good customer service is also high on our agenda.

We can assist you with:

  • Advising you on the best gas heater for your budget
  • Connect and install your new gas heater
  • Show you how to operate it
  • Repair your gas heater or other gas appliances at any time
  • And more…

For more information on gas heater installations, replacements or repairs, just give us a call today.

Gas Heater Installations and Replacements
Gas Heater Installations and Replacements
Gas Heater Installations and Replacements


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