Gas Appliance Installations and Replacements

Need gas appliance installations or replacements? Refined Plumbing are your local licensed gas fitters.

Gas Appliances Need To Be Installed By a Licensed Gas Fitter

Whether you’re looking to buy and install a brand new gas appliances in a new home, or your old appliances have seen better days and need updating, all gas appliances need to be installed by a licensed gas fitter. These appliances are totally different from electrical appliances, which most simply need to be plugged into an outlet. Gas has to be connected to the appliances, and this should never be attempted by anyone who hasn’t been trained and licensed.

It’s all about safety and having the peace of mind that your new or replacement gas appliances are correctly installed and are working as they should. Your gas fitter can even show you how to operate your new appliances, as well as care for them.

Gas appliances that are old and suffering wear and tear really should be replaced, as they can become a hazard and potentially even leak gas. Other than the obvious dangers of faulty gas appliances, old appliances might simply not work as efficiently as they should, and it would be best to update them with the latest models.

Whether it’s a stove, hotplates or a wall oven, if it runs on gas, then get a licensed gas fitter to perform the installation. On the Sunshine Coast, the team to call is Refined Plumbing, so get in touch with us today.

What Refined Plumbing Can Do For You When It Comes To Gas Appliances

One of the very first things we can do is advise you on the best gas appliances for your home, that fit within your budget; whether you’re building a new house and wish to install new appliances or want to replace your current appliances.

Once you’ve purchased your new gas appliances, Refined Plumbing will perform an expert installation so you are assured of both complete safety, as well as knowing your new appliances will work exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Now that your new gas appliances are connected and in place, we’ll show you how to operate them, care for them and maintain them. We can even organise with you to perform periodic checks of your appliances every now and then to ensure they are still in perfect working order.

Should one of your gas appliances suffer a problem, we also carry out gas appliance repairs and will resolve your issue is quick time and for fair prices.

We believe in top quality workmanship and offer high levels of customer service.

A summary of what we can do for you:

  • Advise you on the right appliances to buy
  • Connect and install your gas appliances
  • Show you how to operate them and maintain them
  • Perform gas appliance repairs
  • And more…

For more information of gas appliance installations, just give us a call today.

Gas Appliance Installations and Replacements
Gas Appliance Installations and Replacements
Gas Appliance Installations and Replacements


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