The DIY  Plumbing “do it yourself” method when it comes to home improvements has really escalated in Australia in recent years. A series of prominent TV shows has helped inspire many Aussies to have a go at home renovations. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there are certain tasks that should – and must – be left up to licensed professionals. Things like electrical work and plumbing are two prime examples.

So, is it legal to attempt DIY plumbing work? And if you do your own plumbing, how does that affect your home insurance?


What Is Legal and Illegal When It Comes To DIY Plumbing?

Not every single aspect of plumbing-related tasks is illegal or can’t be carried out by someone unlicensed. There are some things the DIY handyperson is allowed to do. Rules can vary from state to state, so be sure to thoroughly check the legislation in your area for clarification. If you’re unsure, then don’t attempt any plumbing work. Call in licensed plumbing professionals.

For example, in Queensland you are allowed to change a tap washer or showerhead, install or maintain an irrigation system for your backyard, maintaining ground level sanitary grates and so on.

Everything else needs to be performed by a licensed plumber. If you attempt any other form of plumbing work, you will be breaking the law.


DIY Plumbing – Does It Affect Your Home Insurance?

If a plumbing issue arises in your home that results in water damage, when you make a claim on your insurance to cover the cost of that damage, there is a chance an insurance inspection of your home will be carried out prior to any money being released for repairs.

If it’s deemed that the plumbing problem was a result of amateur or illegal DIY plumbing, your insurance company is not going to pay out, and there is also the chance that your insurance policy could get cancelled.


Is It Worth Taking the Risk?

When it comes to both your home insurance and your own peace of mind, you’re better off calling in a professional plumber for all of your plumbing requirements. Why take a chance on a catastrophic problem that could result in your insurance company won’t cover?

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