Shower head and taps looking old and dated?

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Why Shower Heads and Taps Should Be Replaced

One of the main reasons why many Australians decide to replace their shower head or taps in their bathrooms is because the original ones either looked dated or worn out and drab. Sometimes all it takes to make your bathroom look like new again is by replacing the tap fittings and the shower head with shiny and modern, brand new ones.

A second key reason to have them replaced is because of water leaks due to worn outfittings. Wasted water also means wasted money, along with unnecessary wastage of a precious resource. Taps that drip or fittings that have sprung a leak will also cause damage to your bathroom cabinets, stain tiles and potentially lead to much more serious water leak problems.

Old taps and showerheads can also look stained and go rusty. Not a good look for a modern bathroom and it certainly doesn’t make for a clean, hygienic environment. Also, old shower heads tend to get clogged up over time and don’t spray the water evenly anymore. This can prove to be very frustrating when taking a shower.

Have your new taps and shower head installed properly by a professional plumber. That way, you’ll know the job has been done right the first time by a licensed and trained professional. Refined Plumbing is here to help, so contact us today.

What Refined Plumbing Can Do For You

Firstly,  before you go out and purchase a new shower head and taps, it’s wise to call us first to discuss your requirements. You want to get the right taps and showerhead and don’t want to make a mistake. We can also help you find quality fittings that will look good for years, yet still fit within your proposed budget for the replacement.

It’s always wise to have any plumbing or new fixtures installed by a licensed plumber. You’ll be assured the work is done right the first time and that there will be no water leaks, nor any damage to your new fittings.

Refined Plumbing can also advise you on maintenance for your new shower head and taps, so they’ll stay looking new and last for many years to come.

We can help you with:

  • Selecting the right shower head and taps
  • Installation of your new taps and showerhead
  • The job done professionally the first time
  • Advise you on how to look after your new fittings

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and to obtain a fixed price quote.

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