Wasted water means wasted money. With our advanced equipment and expertise, our local plumbers can quickly assess, locate and repair any damage to your plumbing system!

Leak Detection Sunshine Coast: Same-Day Response!

Are you being kept awake by a water leak? With our leak detection and repair services – we can pinpoint the exact location of the water leaks and ensure quick and efficient repair.

Refined Plumbing is your local licenced plumber ready to tackle all your leaking toilets, and leaking water pipes, saving you litres of water and money with our same-day response time for the Sunshine Coast. Our water leak detection services include leak detection for hidden leaks, which is made possible by our priority relationship with Queensland Leak Detection.

You can trust that with over a decade of industry knowledge and experience, we can provide the highest quality solution efficiently. Ready to book your appointment.

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Water Leakage Assessment & Repair

Wasted water means wasted money!

Ring Refined Plumbing NOW.  We can assess & advise with a fixed price quote on all your water leak repairs. Guaranteed to fix the problem.

We have seen all types of leaks – Did you know that discoloured water is an early sign that your galvanised water pipe will need replacement?

Refined Plumbing can assess and advise with a fixed price quote to bring your water pipes back up to standard.

  • Leaking in ceilings

  • Water leaking in under-slabs

  • Water leaking in wall cavities

  • Dripping or Leaking Taps

  • Underground water leak

  • Leaking galvanised pipes

  • Leaking copper water pipes

  • Toilet Leaking

How Can You Check For Leaks?

Even though professional leak detection is always recommended, you can do a few things to check for leaking pipes yourself.

If you notice an increase in your water bills, that should ring alarm bells. You could do a meter reading test to check your water supply, just remember to turn off all taps before you start. Take a reading, wait at least 15 minutes or longer if you like, and then take another reading.

If there is a change in your numbers, then you know you have water leakage somewhere on your property.

It may be just a leaking tap, or the toilet cistern is running, or it could be something much more sinister. Like a concealed leak, burst pipes and fittings underground, inside a wall, or even old and perished irrigation systems can cause issues. Whatever it is, you may need a licenced plumber to come out and fix the leak, which will save water in the long run.

With over a decade of industry knowledge and experience, we can provide the highest quality solution efficiently. Contact us today.

If you’re looking for more information about water leaks, look at our Guide to Water Leaks in the Home.

water leaks
water leaks


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