In this article, we’ll take a closer look at solar hot water systems, how they work, their distinct advantages and more.

It seems like the cost of electricity rises every year in Australia. It’s become one of the biggest monthly or quarterly expenses for the average Australian household. Therefore, if you can find ways to save money on electricity, it’s great for your bank account and wallet. Solar power is one such way Aussies are fighting back against those rising energy costs, and solar hot water offers huge benefits when it comes to saving both money and the environment.


What Is a Solar Hot Water System?

As the name suggests, a solar hot water system is a specialised hot water heater that utilises the power of the sun to heat the water for your home. Generally, these systems are mounted on the roof and have a large solar panel attached to collect the sun’s rays. Instead of being internally located, it’s usually positioned on the roof in a location that receives the most amount of sunlight.

There are actually quite a few varieties and configurations for solar hot water heaters, so do some research to fully understand what’s available, or consult with a plumber or solar hot water specialist regarding the best option for your home.

Not only can solar hot water systems be installed for residential purposes, but they can also be used by businesses as well and other industrial applications.

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How Does the System Work?

Installing solar hot water is not exactly the same as installing solar power. You can have a solar-heated hot water system installed without anything else in your home running on solar power.

The way a solar hot water system works is fairly simple. If you have the roof-mounted water tank and attached solar panel, the panel absorbs the heat of the sun to heat the solar collectors, sending hot water into the storage tank. The solar system keeps that stored water hot whenever you need to use it.

In regions prone to cold weather and frost, in particular, the system used heats up a fluid. This heat is then transferred to your water tank.

Another option is having your hot water tank located on the ground. A pump sends the water up to the roof, where it is heated by the solar collectors and then transferred back down to the tank as hot water.

Solar hot water, whichever system you choose, is simple, yet very effective. If you don’t want to go all out and have your entire home run on solar power, then choosing to install solar hot water is the next best step when it comes to saving money on your power bills.

In the case of extended periods of cloudy weather, your solar hot water system will come with either an electric or gas booster to compensate, meaning it switches to your usual energy source during these periods to ensure you always have hot water available.


What Are The Advantages Of Installing Solar Hot Water?

When you think about solar hot water, two obvious advantages come to mind, and they are:

  1. Saving money on your energy bills
  2. Being kind to the environment

We all like to find ways to save money, and with electricity costs rising all the time, it only makes sense to find ways to save money on those power bills.

When it comes to electricity consumption in the home, hot water is usually the biggest consumer. Anything that heats on a regular basis is going to use a lot of power and your hot water system is continually heating. In many households, the portion of the electricity used to heat your hot water system can often account for around one-third of the entire bill. That’s huge.

Now, while there is an initial investment to be made in purchasing a solar hot water system and having it installed, over the years it’s going to save you a stack of cash and will well and truly offer you a positive return on investment from a financial viewpoint.

There is a major focus these days on saving the planet and finding ways to be kinder to the environment to preserve our natural resources. When power from the sun is harnessed and used, it’s a very organic way of creating electricity and is totally renewable.

Installing and using a solar hot water system allows you to play your part in looking after the world we live in, so it can be enjoyed for many generations to come. You can even take things a step further and have your entire home rigged up to run on solar power.

Utilising the power of the sun cuts back on carbon emissions, the mining of wilderness areas and more, so solar hot water definitely plays its part in conserving our planet.

A quality solar hot water system will last for many years, serving up piping hot water to you and your family whenever you need it. They are designed to be low maintenance, so very little is required regarding their upkeep.

Advantages Of Installing Solar Hot Water

Does Solar Hot Water Add Value To Your Home?

When you install a solar-powered hot water system in your home, you’ll add value to the sale price. It can also be a positive selling point, as so many of us are conscious of caring for our planet and being able to save money on energy bills at the same time.

Installing solar hot water is as much an investment as it is anything else.


In Conclusion

Investing in a solar hot water system is something well worth considering and something you might want to discuss with your plumber. It can save you loads of money in the long-term and you’ll be doing your part to help save the planet at the same time. Although you’ll spend money initially, you’ll easily retrieve that money back in savings on your energy bills.

Think about installing solar hot water in your home and add value to your property in the process. Contact us for more information on solar hot water systems.

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