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Ensure your property meets water efficiency requirements to avoid tenancy disputes

What is a Water Efficiency Certificate?

A Water Efficiency Compliance Certificate is issued after a property audit has been done by a licensed plumber and meets the specific criteria of the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authorities) to ensure the property is water efficient.

The cost of the audit and certificate is $99. If, after inspection, the property is deemed non-compliant, a quote will be supplied on the spot and if accepted, most times work can begin immediately.

To ensure that there is no dispute between tenant and landlord, Refined Plumbing makes it standard practise to ensure there are no leaks and the hot water valves are within their service dates.

Refined Plumbing provides Water Efficiency Audits throughout their service area of the Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Coolum and out to the hinterland. Contact us today to book in your audit.

Water Efficiency Certificate Audit Items

The specific items which are comprised within a Water Efficiency Audit include:

  • No taps greater than 9 litres/minute except bath, laundry and hose taps

  • Pools and spas have covers to prevent evaporation

  • Dishwashers and washing machines have an efficiency of 3 stars or more

  • No leaks on premises

  • Toilets are dual flush and no greater than 6.5 litres for full flush and 3.5 litres for half flush

  • Hot water valves are in date and are not leaking more than normal

Water Efficiency Certificate

  • Need to meet the Residential Tenancy Authorities Water Compliance Audit? Our $99 fee includes the audit and the certificate.
Water Efficiency Certificate for rental property Sunshine Coast

Avoid water usage disputes with tenants by having a Water Efficiency Certificate for your rental property.


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