The focus these days is going green as much as we can. There is a twofold reason. For one, being green helps preserve the environment and its natural resources. Secondly, the more green your home is, the more money you save on utility bills.

When it comes to plumbing and being more sustainable, switching to a low flow showerhead is a good idea. Not many things people do in the home uses more water than showering. During winter, when enjoying the warmth of hot water, we tend to stay in the shower even longer.

So much wasted water goes down the drain unnecessarily when it comes to showering, which is why installing a low flow showerhead is something you should definitely consider. low flow shower head


How Do Low Flow Shower Heads Work?

By design, low flow showerheads restrict the amount of water flow via a special mechanism inside. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be experiencing showers that are not satisfactory, producing a trickle of water that results in it taking forever to rinse the soap from your skin. Quite the contrary.

You’ll be happy to know that low flow showerheads actually improve the way the water is delivered, despite also restricting water flow to reduce water wastage.

There are various types of low flow showerhead and it’s best to consult first with your plumber to determine which type will best suit you and the kind of water pressure your home experiences. The prices also vary, so your choice might be determined by the amount of money you have to spend on a low flow showerhead.

For some ideas on the types of low flow showerheads and how they function, just go online and do some research so you have a better understanding. It’ll also help you make up your mind which type might suit you best.

The Benefits of a Low Flow Shower Head

The most obvious ben low flow shower head efit of low flow showerheads is the amount of water they will save, provided you and members of your household don’t extend your shower times once the low flow model has been installed. Australians need to conserve water, as much of the country can experience drought conditions regularly. It’s also good for the environment in general.

When you save water and use less water, naturally, this will impact the bottom line of your water bills. The more money you can save on water usage, the more cash you’ll have to spend on other things.

A further benefit of a low flow showerhead is they look nice and very modern. While water consumption is the most important thing, we all want our bathrooms to look good as well.


In Conclusion

It makes perfect sense to install low flow showerheads in your home. If you’re unsure or have any questions, consult with your plumber for the best advice on what’s right for you.

Original article by Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast