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Gas BBQ Installations and Replacements

If you’re looking to install a gas BBQ, Refined Plumbing is the team to call!

A Gas BBQ Connected to the Gas Main Should Be Professionally Installed

Instead of having to constantly refill gas bottles for your backyard BBQ, having it connected to the main gas supply will save both money and the hassle of constant refilling. Mains gas is far is more convenient and less of a hassle.

Whether you already have a BBQ or want to buy a brand new one, you’ll need to have it installed by a licensed gas fitter to abide by the law and ensure safety for everyone. Gas is very safe, but only when the installation is performed by a professional.

Australians love a good outdoor barbie with friends or family, so it only makes sense to indulge yourself with a quality new BBQ that runs on mains gas. Maybe you’re building a new home and plan to have gas appliances. If so, including a gas BBQ only makes sense on an economical level. Or, your old BBQ might have seen happier days, but now needs to be retired. A brand new gas BBQ will really liven up your outdoor lifestyle.

If you need help and advice and someone to install your new gas BBQ, then get in touch with Refined Plumbing. We are also licensed and experienced gas fitters, so give us a call today.

New Or Replacement Gas BBQ for Your Home? Here’s How Refined Plumbing Can Help You

One of the very first things Refined Plumbing can do to help you is to offer advice on the right gas BBQ for your backyard space. We’ll help you choose the best model that fits into your budget for the project.

After a decision has been made on the right gas BBQ and it’s been purchased, Refined Plumbing will be there to perform professional and safe installation, so you can be cooking up a storm in your backyard in no time flat. You’ll also be saving money with a gas BBQ connected to the main gas supply.

After the installation is complete, our team will run you through how to operate your brand new gas BBQ, how best to clean it and maintain it, as well as offering gas BBQ repairs, should your BBQ break down in the future.

We always offer the highest quality workmanship at very reasonable and fair prices. Excellent customer service is also high on our list of priorities.

A summary of what we’ll do:

  • Help you decide on the right gas BBQ for you
  • Connect and install your new gas BBQ
  • Demonstrate how it works and how to maintain it
  • Perform repairs if required down the track
  • And more…

For more information on gas BBQs and how Refined Plumbing can be of service, get in touch today.

Gas BBQ Installations and Replacements
Gas BBQ Installations and Replacements
Gas BBQ Installations and Replacements
Gas BBQ Installations and Replacements


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